About US

About Us

It's difficult to get an idea how to see what the value of a given website is.  There are many factors involved such as the age, the domain authority, the traffic, how much you can earn through an ad network and so on.  Hence we decided to put this handy tool together for you to get an idea of the value of a website based on some of these factos.  It is an estimate, but it's an estimate that's useful when you compare how your support is performing.

How Much Is My Website Worth

Here at WebValueChecker.com we aim to provide a simple mechanism to check what your website is worth.  We use a combination of factos ranging from the site age, domain authority, traffic and many other factors to come up with an estimated valuation.  You can simply enter your website in, and in a few seconds you will get a single number that shows how much your website is worth.  In addition, you will get an idea the details behind this as well includings things like your alexa rank, traffic, and many more things.

Buying a website

If you're looking to buy a website, make sure you use WebsiteValueChecker.com to get some key information such as the domain authority, the current owner, the number of links, estimates of ad monetizationa and many more.  This is a great way to do a quick litmus test on website value especially when you're consideringt o buy websites from websites such as flippa.com for example.

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